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Utilise our Excellent Surveillance Operatives

Compiled from covert policing and military units in the UK, our specialist surveillance operatives provide a thorough solution. Covering all your needs, from rural to urban surveillance, our experts operate in a challenging environment where anything can happen. With the help of our approachable, professional, and tenacious team, you gain outstanding results. Choose our company for all your surveillance needs.

Covert Methods

Using the latest covert surveillance methodology, technology, and application, our experts always deliver accurate results. All of our trustworthy specialists sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that your privacy and all your information is 100% secure. Training on our methods is also available, and our consultants are always happy to help. A wide-variety of premium surveillance services are offered, and each one is listed in detail below:

Foot and Mobile Surveillance

Carried out by a highly-trained surveillance unit, these operatives are incredibly flexible, working in vehicles, on foot, or in fixed observation posts. Often working in small male and female teams, movements, conversations, and activities are monitored to paint a picture of the subject. Adaptability is incredibly important, and our experts utilise their training and experience to great effect.

Urban Surveillance

Blending in to busy urban environments, our experts diligently work to the objective that you specify. Effortlessly gathering the intelligence that you need, our teams study the subject and their social standing to paint an accurate picture. Threat of detection is minimal, as our trained operatives use observation posts in effective locations to observe the target from a distance.

Rural Surveillance

Deploying throughout the UK and worldwide, our specialists gather evidence at your request. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we use photography – both stills and video – to capture the requested target. Rural surveillance teams are deployed in areas such as the parks in Central London, in the c

Counter Surveillance

Surveillance works both ways. Should you suspect that you are being watched, turn to us for an efficient solution. Gathering evidence and proof, our dependable team work tirelessly to protect your assets. The latest electronic methods, such as bug sweeping, are utilised to great effect. This allows our specialists to discover covert listening devices, and we also thwart attempts by cyber criminals to access computer and mobile devices. Even if it is discovered that you are not being watched, the actions taken by our team reduce the risk of surveillance in the future.

Due Diligence

Carrying out background checks on individuals and companies, we ensure that you are dealing with a reputable entity. These include the below options:

  • Assessing the reliability of a potential training partner
  • Discovering financial irregularities 
  • Establishing integrity for the purpose of bribery legislation
  • Identifying trading history 
  • Proving identity for an anti-money laundering regulation

Our consultants provide efficient, accurate, and cost-effective due diligence investigation with a view to establish a range of objectives for individuals and companies.

Penetration Test

The threat of burglary should always be considered, especially if your home contains items of exquisite value. Our specialists determine how safe a commercial or residential property is, and the steps that you should take to improve your premises. Areas of weakness in your security systems are identified, we ascertain how simple it may be to breach your security systems. Information that we gain from surveying your property is shared with you, as this is what potential burglars see. Once the report is complete, our specialists advise on the installation of systems and procedures to improve client security

Contact us for rural and urban surveillance services provided by our efficient surveillance operatives.