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Superb Surveillance Training 

Offering a wide-variety of courses, our experts are willing to train you in the delicate art of surveillance. The thorough surveillance and intelligence gathering training that we offer is designed for all abilities, and there are courses to suit a range of disciplines. Each training course is taught by someone with previous covert surveillance experience, so you are always in good hands. Enhance your abilities or the abilities of your organisation with the help of our professionals.

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Detection is the worst occurrence that can happen to a covert surveillance operative. With the help of our training services, you gain the skills and insight to avoid compromise. As we provide close protection and surveillance services ourselves, we have the necessary experience to offer an unparalleled service. Here are the courses that we have available:

Three-Day Surveillance Course

This course is perfect for people entering the surveillance, intelligence, and evidence-gathering world. Introducing you to our high standards and methods, this course allows you to gain a head start in the industry. Here is the content of the course:

  • Legal Issues Involving Surveillance, Evidence, and Intelligence Gathering
  • The Human Rights Act
  • Dress Codes
  • Using Cover Stories 
  • Reducing Risk of Compromise
  • Basis Surveillance Communication
  • Basic Foot Surveillance
  • The Use of Cover
  • The Use of Props
  • Acting Naturally in Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Working as a Team

After you have learnt the above, our experts move on to teach mobile surveillance. The lessons learnt in this course make all the difference in the field. You will learn:

  • Surveillance Vehicle Convoy Disciplines
  • Covert Driving Skills (Speed, Distance, Spacing, and Glossary)
  • Basic Stop and Plot Procedures
  • Collection of Evidence from a Vehicle
  • Presentation of Reports
  • Witness Statements

Five-Day Surveillance Course

Designed for surveillance operators that want to develop their skills further, this course allows you to learn advanced skills and put them to use in the field. Here are the skills that you learn:

  • Anti and Counter Surveillance Techniques
  • Detecting Hostile Surveillance
  • Identifying Surveillance-Aware Suspects
  • Surveillance on Public Transport (London Underground™, Buses, and the National Rail™)
  • Operational Briefings

A scenario-based foot and mobile surveillance exercise is then carried out which allows you to hone your skills.

Three-Day Urban Observation Post Course

This course is available for those who use observation posts in buildings to gather intelligence and evidence. You will learn the below:

  • Creating a Risk Assessment
  • The Need for Cover Stories
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Escape Routes
  • Concealments
  • Camera Positions
  • Shooting through Cover with a Camera
  • Presentation of Reports
  • Witness Statements

Seven-Day Rural Surveillance Course

Created for qualified surveillance operatives, this course teaches the gathering of intelligence and evidence in a rural environment. Here are the invaluable skills that you learn:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Deploying from a Vehicle
  • Map Reading and Navigating at Night
  • Camouflage and Concealment
  • Rural Operation Construction
  • Cover Stories
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Close Target Reconnaissance
  • Video and Still Photography
  • Shooting through Cover with a Camera
  • Low-Light and Infra-Red Photography
  • The Presentation of Reports
  • Witness Statements

Five-Day Photographic Course

This photographic course allows surveillance operatives to efficiently gather intelligence and evidence using photographic imagery. Our experts teach the following:

  • Shooting Stills and Video
  • Choosing the Correct Camera and Lenses 
  • Using Cameras in Rural and Urban Operations
  • Camera Concealments
  • Using Remotely Operated Cameras
  • Low-Light and Infra-Red Technology
  • Shooting through Cover with a Camera
  • Shooting Dark into Light and Light into Dark
  • The Presentation of Intelligence, Evidence, and Witness Statements
  • The Continuity and Integrity of Photographic Evidence

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