VitaSecura Consultants Ltd

Close Protection Services 

Highly skilled Close Protection Officers 

Whether you are a diplomat from another country, foreign royalty or with your family, it’s always important to ensure that you are well protected. With the help of our highly experienced close protection officers, you gain the peace of mind that you are protected in all situations. Rigorously selected from specialist policing and military units, our staff provide the security that you need, whilst remaining as discreet as possible.

A Confidential Security Solution

Serving clients throughout the world, we specialise in providing staff that are skilled in all aspects of social, cultural, and political etiquette. All of our specialist staff hold or have held UK security clearance levels, and all sign confidentially agreements at the beginning of each task. Each of our operatives hold the following qualifications:

  • Advanced and Anti hostage driving techniques.
  • First Aid and Paediatric First Aid.
  • Close Protection Licenses. 
  • Surveillance  (Anti, Counter, and Electronic Surveillance Techniques)
  • Unarmed Combat and Self-Defence

Your own and your families well-being is the most important objective for our operatives. This gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your everyday business, and provides peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. With highly skilled teams of male and female operative available, we have an adaptable solution to every problem. Available at short notice, our team is always eager to provide assistance. Here are the services that we offer:

  • Escort Teams 
  • Personal Protection
  • Private Security
  • Residential Security (Providing security for permanent residences, offices, and venues.)
  • Security Drivers

Executive Protection

You will receive the highest quality of service when you request assistance from our team. Here is a sample of the protection services that we offer:

  • Royalty Protection.
  • Diplomatic Protection.
  • Corporate Protection.
  • Ultra-High Net-Worth Protection.
  • Witness Protection.

Close Protection Angels

The care and protection of children is extremely important to us, so we offer a Close Protection Angel’s Department, filled with highly-skilled female officers that have specialist training. Providing complete protection for your child, the service that we offer is unparalleled. Understanding the difference between adult and child care is something certain security organisations fail to grasp. Our experts are here round the clock to assist. 

With many years of experience in child security, our operatives have worked with vulnerable children of all ages, giving them an understanding in how best to take care of your family. Qualified in child protection, behaviour, and management techniques, we have the capabilities to ensure that your child is safe from harm. It is vital that trust and confidence is built up between the child and the agent. Understanding boundaries, respect, and age-appropriate communication ensures a healthy relationship between our specialist and your child. With the help of our agent, your child enjoys daily development without drawing attention. Discover more by getting in touch with our skilled team.

Contact our team to obtain more information on the security services that our close protection officers provide.