VitaSecura Consultants Ltd

A bespoke Security and Estate Management service. 

Protect Your Family and Assets with our Discreet Close Protection and Estate Management Service.

Close Protection

Protecting your family

Ensure that your family and your business are protected with the help of our discreet close protection services. Let our staff give you that peace-of-mind.


Surveillance Solutions

Offering a thorough surveillance and counter surveillance service, our highly trained teams either confirm or negate any suspicions that you may have. The risk of detection is minimal, as our specialists are all highly trained in their respective fields, having come from police and military surveillance units.

Estate management

Estate managent

Our bespoke estate management service delivers the service you require for your Luxury home and fine furnishings.We deliver the service and staff you require, to maintain your gardens,swimming pool's and household maintenance. Our staff  provide a high quality day to day running of a busy house hold.
Many of our clients spend much of their time traveling or have a second home they wish for us to secure and maintain  ensuring it is fully functional upon their return.

A Bespoke Worldwide Protection, Surveillance and Estate management company.

All of our services are offered Internationally. If you, your family or business require solutions or advice in relation to any of our areas of expertise we can discuss your requirements and provide you with our discreet protection, surveillance and estate management services. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Contact us to find out more about the close protection and Estate managemnet services that our team provides.

Vita Secura Consultants Ltd provides specialist bespoke Close Protection and Estate management services to High net worth,foreignRoyalty,Corporate business and diplomatic clients in the UK and worldwide.
We pride ourselves in ensuring that all our staff are rigorously selected from UK specialist policing and military units,offering our clients some of the most experienced close protection and estate management staff available.
Our staff are especially skilled in all aspects of social, cultural and political etiquette, giving our clients peace of mind in all situations. They all hold or have held UK security clearances levels and all sign confidentiality agreements at the beginning of every task.
Choose our specialists for all your high-quality close protection,surveillance and estate mangement services UK and internationally. Blending in effectively with your family or work environment, we provide a thorough, discreet solution that means you and your family are have peace of mind at all times.
The protection services we offer are carried out by rigorously selected members of our team, that operate to the highest standards. We offer a premium solution, our company is the perfect choice if you are Royalty or a diplomat from another country. The experts at VitaSecura Consultants allow you to explore the cities of the world freely and safely. With more than 30 years of experience, we have the skills you need to remain safe